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What is the $sample operator in MongoDB? Explained with the help of a lucky draw winner application.

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  • What is the $sample operator?
  • A practical use case where we leverage the $sample operator.
  • Example code.
  • Helpful resources for the topic.

What is the $sample operator?

AWS Cloud Formation Part 4: What is FindInMap, and is it useful?

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  • What is !FindInMap?
  • When to use !FindInMap & What Problem It is Trying To Solve?
  • Example…

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  • Types of deadlock scenarios you might encounter
  • Ways to resolve the deadlock
  • Example code
  • Some helpful resources that helped me in resolving the problem

Types of Deadlock Scenarios You Might Encounter

  • Deadlock error which occurred every…

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The Screwdriver & Screws Analogy

Breaking Down the Steps

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Step 1 — Go to IAM Dashboard and Add User

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What is Parameter in CloudFormation?

McDonald Analogy

  • Cocacola
  • Hot Coffee
  • Iced Latte

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What is CloudFormation?

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TypeError: title.replaceAll is not a function


  1. Upgrade your Node.js version to 15.0 and above
  2. Using replace function with regex

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